Twitter Revisited

April 19, 2008

With the help of Garrett’s very useful listing of all the things we must turn in so as to not be screwed, I realized I had yet to write any of the blogs responding to another person’s blog.  So, after my Internet came back to life (Comcast, I wish I could quit you and I would, were it not for my free year of digital cable) I started strolling through posts and came across Rosie and Gregg’s varying perspectives on Twitter.

I remember agreeing with Rosie in class when she asked why anyone would care about Twitter.  Well, not about Twitter, but why anyone would be that interested in following someone on Twitter.  Now, I’m all for e-stalking, especially when it comes to dating.  It’s just much easier to Google someone’s name and find out they voted for Bush (especially the second time) or hate puppies or had to alert local residents before moving into a new neighborhood or any number of other equally horrifying dealbreakers before you bother picking out a cologne.

 In researching the final project, I read about and then explored Clinton and Obama’s Twitter pages.  My explorations sort of confirmed my original thoughts about Twitter.  A lot of dull, one-sentence entries about the mundane ins-and-outs of a person’s daily life.  But in thinking about how Hillary, in particular, could better use Twitter, I also started to think about how, in general, Twitter could be interesting.  I thought to myself, “Waterlily, (shameless Golden Girls reference) Garrett seems to like Twitter.  Why don’t you explore HIS page?!”  

So, I did.  While I sort of thought I was more in-line with Gregg’s thoughts on Twitter (that it might be useful if I needed the calvary to come free me from unjust inprisonment, but fairly lame otherwise), I sort of came around to Rosie’s view after exploring Garrett’s entries.  Twitter helped me discover our fearless leader is an anglophile who enjoys horticulturepancakes and who might in fact be addicted to chocoloate milkshakes (which he treats as a beverage just like soda pop).

I have a feeling people would like Hillary much more if they knew she was a horticulturalist lover of breakfast foods with a possibly debilitating sweet-tooth (although a former first lady running for president probably shouldn’t talk about serving tea).  If people were to like a political candidate more for her sharing the random tidbits of information that make up her day and ultimately shine a light on who she is as a living, breathing, human being, then perhaps our own relationships can likewise be enhanced by taking a few seconds to drop (literally) a line about a funny argument we witnessed, an amazing cupcake we tasted or a beautiful flower that caught our eye.      


2 Responses to “Twitter Revisited”

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