Finally getting “Naked!”

March 12, 2008

I think the only blog topic I missed was “Naked Conversations,” so here goes, better late than never.

A common theme for me, throughout all of the readings thus far, seems to be having a recognition of the idea and a respect for it, accompanied by a certain reluctance to completely buy into it.  This may be a natural cynicism, or perhaps I’m just crabby and old before my time.  I just still don’t really know that I consider blogging to be quite as important to business as “Naked Conversations” suggests. 

I can honestly say that I’ve never utilized a blog to communicate with a business.  It’s just not something that has ever sprung to mind.  I’m not doubting that other people have, or that companies have had successes or failures based on their superior or inferior blogging activities.  I just don’t really see it being the phenomenon Scoble and Israel would like us to think it is, at this particular time.  Perhaps I just don’t see blogging as being as much a real two-way conversation as I see it being a more immediate, impersonal remedy.  For instance, when Northwest Airlines lost my luggage, causing me to miss an evening of class because they were supposed to deliver it between 6 and 10, I was super pissed when I couldn’t get anyone living to talk to me on the phone.  Their suggestion that I go online to find a solution to my problem succeeded in pissing me off further.  I don’t want to spend my time clicking a seemingly endless list of links to figure out how I can fix a company’s mistake.  I don’t care what their bloggers have to say.  I want to dial a number and have someone they are currently paying a certain amount of money to sit at a desk and pretend to care about irate customers such as myself. 

The idea that there are no rules in blogging is an idea, however, that I have no problem believing.  There are seemingly no rules on the Internet, period.  The anonymity it provides brings out the best and worst in its users.  People who are more naturally shy have the freedom to express their opinions without reservation.  Those with the opposite problem have a forum in which to indulge every thought or emotion that crosses their mind with no filter. 


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